Its Spring!  And if my garden is anything to go by, then there is going be a lot of work for horticulturalists everywhere. Weeds are competing with plants.  Not only with the sun and the rain, weeds will be competing for the nutrients and space.  The abundance of weeds is not the only thing that needs will be taking over, but insects, both beneficial and not so beneficial to your garden.  The lawns will need more than a hopeful spruce every months.  Shrubs and trees are needing a good chop back and its near the time for feeding and mulching.  The weather gets nicer so people want to enjoy their gardens.  Fruit trees will start to blossom as well as the initial budding on Winter pruned roses and some iris’s.  Its still a good time to do propagation.  Things take in the warmth.  Just mind, they don’t get too warm

Hypocallyma angustifolium
First Iris flower!
Daisies and Anemones


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