Happy Garden Nerd

Being in one’s own garden is very therapeutic.  Its also the ultimate canvas.  The trials and errors of the personal space that may or not be replicated else where.  My garden has quite a few garden beds.  The more plants I grow, the wider the beds become.  Most of them have completely changed since I moved in.  I find gardening relaxing and I find solace in the fact its because of my hard work, plants grow and make me proud.

So what did I do?  I planted plants.   I expanded garden beds.  I dug in borders.  Seeds were sown (zucchini, capsicum, basil, chili and cosmos.) And I weeded and ,mulched.  I also gave them a sprinkling of mulch and watered them in with seasol.  I am very proud of my garden now.  Its been a long and arduous trek, but I think I have done well.  I have expanded my vege garden.  It been moved to another place in the garden, realising (through trial and error) that my original are was too enclosed in shade.  My garden is swamped by gum trees and other residences, so the shade factor is a real and frustrating one, especially for someone like me who has always dreamed of having a productive vege garden.  Anyway, I have clients who have the ultimate vege patches.  I can live precariously through them. Enjoy and revel in this time of year.  Flowers blooming and new growth sprouting, its a grand time to be out in the garden!!

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