Pruning Roses

Its that time of year again…the dreaded…Winter…


Rose pruning.


Equipment needed:

  • Sharp secateurs

  • Saw

  • loppers

  • methylated spirits

  • Gloves

     2. Before Starting:

  • The methylated spirits are for spraying your implements before every job.  Cross contamination of rose blight and other nasties is discouraged.

  • Ensure all equipment is clean and sharp.

  • Wear appropriate gloves.

     3. When Pruning, see the plant as a vase:

  • Use 50/50 rule of how much to remove.
  • Remove all dead and diseased canes.
  • Remove all inside canes
  • When cutting the cane, make sure the node is on the outside of the vase.  And cut at 45°.
  • Remove any branches that is thinner than a pencil
  • Remove all foliage
  • Remove all suckers.
  • Remove all weeds and plants surrounding the trunk of the rose.

     4. Care After Pruning

  • Spray with Lime/sulphur solution to combat fungal and other diseases.
  • compost


Make sure your implements are sharp.  Cut down to half of the plant.  See the plant as a vase and make sure all nodes are facing outwards when pruning at an appropriate angle.  Remove all old wood and anything inside the “vase”.  Spray your pruned plant and compost, ensuring it will grow fungal free and thrive in Spring.

Before and After


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