Rain + Sun = Weeds

Great time to do weeding after rain. The weeds are easily removed! In some areas, the rain is not enough. It hasn’t penetrated down too far.  Only a small amount of surface water. Doesn’t get down to the roots of the plants and trees that actually need the water. Weeds on the other hand; they thrive on the amount of water the skies provide them.

The actual definition of a weed? Any plant that grows in a place that is not wanted.  A non specified weed can be a weed if it is not wanted. For example, some gardens have an abundance of geraniums or peragoniums. These grow very easily. Contained, they are very nice and work well in various positions. However, they can grow rampant in areas which are dumped illegally or irresposibly. They may add colour to a landscape but they if they are not supposed to be there, they could be robbing the plants of  nutrients, sun and rain.

Remember this before you dump in bushlands. Not all plants should be there. You could be deminishing the integrity of the environment. Species like agapanthus should never be dumped as they are an environmental weed.

Environmental weeds cause or has the potential to cause negative environmental impact on a landscape. environment.gov.au/biodiversity/invasive/weeds

The above website is a great resourse for weed identification and examples of weed species and their significance on the Australian landscape.

Contact your local councel for a list of environmental weeds in your neighborhood.

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