Happy New Year!


When Spring 2017 gave us above 40 degree days, it was a bit of a shock and our poor plants suffered. There wasn’t the forewarning that this would happen plus, being in the mindset of Spring weather, one doesn’t automatically think, must prepare garden for 40+ degree days!

So when the last 40+ day hit. It gave pause. Summer = 40+ days! Be like a scout and be prepared.

There were morning water regimes set up. A timer on the hose for starters. And shade cloth. What did we ever do without shade cloth? Spring hot days disallowed us to get the shade cloth unclogged with debris from the year, including inhabitants such as spiders and snails. Shade cloth ready for the hanging. So how does one hang cloth suitably?

Temporary shading is easily done with twine and posts. Or parts of your already structured garden/house.

For example, Tying the cloth from a fence to a tree is a good idea. Make sure its good twine and won’t slip or break in excess winds. Make sure its at a height that will not injure any two legged inhabitants of the house. Also, make sure it will shelter the plants in question. Definitely needed for pots. Pots dry out quicker, especially if they have no saucers.

Small pots should be placed into water baths if the hot spell will be prolonged more than a day.

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