Procrastination in the Garden

If we have a spare few minutes or hours in the days, what do we do?  We procrastinate in front of screens.  We waste hours playing games, perusing social media.  Instead of this, we should be in OUR gardens – wasting time there.  Its not really wasting time though, is it?  Things we can do NOT to waste time:

  • Weed!  Its very therapeutic to be in the garden and weed.  Clearing a space in the garden to plant new things OR just having a bare area – for a minute – is wonderful!

  • Dead-heading – Again, how awesome is it to cut those dead flowers off?  The plants look fab after and you may have just allowed them to have another flourish of flowers!  Yes, you did that!  Those new flowers in a few weeks/months – that’s all because of you!!

  • Water – Another really therapeutic thing to do.  In the early hours of the morn or early evening, watering is wonderful.  If, like me, you have a watering system, there still may be some areas of the garden then requires a good soak from time to time.  Also, if you have potted plants, remember they will need to watered.

  • Pruning – This is a great time waster.  There are many types of pruning.  Huge jobs, which require ladders and machinery; smaller jobs using hand tools and smaller detail work using the old secateurs.

  • Vegetable gardening – this will get you into the garden most days, as there is always a lot to do in a vege patch.  All of the above.  And what’s better, you can have a feast at the end of it!  🙂

  • Mulching – Now, I am not talking about the traditional – ring for a truck load of mulch.  There are many things you can add to your garden, to mulch it.  Leaves from your lawn; the pruned clippings – natives are perfect for this.  They will breakdown and make a substrate for your garden.  Insects and worms will be welcomed into the garden which will bring the bees and birds.

  • Bird baths – Its getting cooler, but make sure you have a water source for our feathered friends.  Clean them out once in a while too.

So a lot of “time wasting” there!  Get off those screens and into the garden!

3 thoughts on “Procrastination in the Garden

  1. Absolutely! It’s amazing how people that complain about “no time to garden” will admit to spending 3 or 4 hours a day just playing computer games or watching Netflix! I only do that on rainy days! Ha!

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