Indoor plants

Not sure if you’re aware but a new phenomenon has blown up in apartments, houses and units across the country and possibly the world. The humble indoor plant has imploded in popularity. I remember my grandma had indoor plants and we had them as a kid – a rubber tree, I remember cleaning the leaves…(with something in a spray can….weird)

So whats the big deal about indoor plants? Why would you do it and why has it just gone nuts of late? As a lover of all plants, I am enjoying hearing people who are not usual plant people jump into the deep end with lots of plant species. Recycling pots from op shops and buying shelves from Ikea. I like to think that people get into indoor plants because its a bit of nature inside. A bit of plant life around you is actually really good for you. It cleans the air. Makes you feel humbled that you have kept something alive that hasn’t got 4 legs. Indoor plants have always had a huge audience in offices, foyers, etc. These are usually associated with a company who you lease the plant off and they look after it for you. So the humble domesticated indoor plant is another multimillion dollar business. People who know nothing about plants will see pretty plants and pay top dollar for it. People are buying big on humidifyers and water gages and grow lamps. If you know nothing about plants and have black thumbs then go for it, if you feel more comfortable with these gadgets. In the end though, you will get to know your plant and its needs. So lets turn black thumbs into green thumbs!

Don’t be too hard on yourselves if they die. Don’t pay too much money for plants. Shop around. The retail shop will be marking everything up 3-fold. This goes with fertilizers, potting mixes and pots. If you know other people who are indoor plant enthusiasts, exchange tid-bits and cuttings! Google everything you know about the plants you have. Don’t get your information just from the label.

A few popular indoor plants are the following:

Aloe Vera One of the few succulents which can endure the indoor life!
Chlorophytum comosum (spiderplant) – Look beautiful in hanging baskets or just as is.
Maiden Hair fern – looks great in a hanging basket
Monstera (Swiss cheese plant) As the name may suggest, this species can grow quite large.
Sansevieria Laurent – Mother-inlaw tongue
Nephrolepis exalata (Sword Fern)
Peace Lily
Zygocactus – this looks great in a hanging basket
Rubber Plant

One thought on “Indoor plants

  1. Indoor plants are likely becoming popular again because so many more off us live in homes that lack garden space, and so many of us who have garden space do not now what to do with it.


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