Stems, Leave and Roots with Dani

Hi, my name is Dani and I am a horticulturalist. 

Welcome to my little podcast – Leaves, stems, and Roots.

I am a solo podcaster whose passion for plants and dirt will open your eyes to the many delights of Horticulture!

Did you know that there is a garden in England that houses the most dangerous plants in the world?  Or did you know that the concept of kitchen gardens was formally introduced in the first world war, although, it has been around since the dawn of time?

Did you know that Australia is one of the most populated with gardeners in the world?  Did you know about the seed banks across the world, hoping to save endangered and near-extinct species in world wild?  Do you know why some flowers are only of a particular colour?  Do you know what a weed is and why some plants are doomed to be revered forever.

Do you know all the buzz words associated with propagation? About how our fauna and flora have a symbiotic relationship.  And if plants were gone, so would we.

Do you know the names of Elsie Cornish, Polly Park, Peter Cundall, Lancelot Brown,  Joyce Vickery, Frances Georgina Watts Higgens and Edna Walling and their contributions to Horticulture? Which famous gardeners, were also in the arts, as a pop singer, a film director and novelist?

I am a horticulturalist.  And thanks to one of these people, I have just mentioned, made it possible for women to study at Burnley College.  If you would like to know more about these and other topics, listen on.

This podcast will be segmented into seasons.  These will include topics like Kitchen Garden, propagation, gardens around the world, and much more.  I will be talking about the great gardens of our times, in Australia and across the globe.  I will be talking about how far gardening has come since Pompei and what we have learnt along the way.

I will also be doing mini episodes about the history of Horticulture and the people who made Horticulture what it is today, including, the women who paved the way for women like myself into studying, designing, maintenance and landscaping. These mini eps will be dedicated to the people who made gardening as versatile and respected as it is today.

This podcast is about me talking everything about plants. I am hoping that people are as excited about this as I am.  I have so many topics,  I will be talking about plants until 2044!  I hope to have a few guests along the way too. 

I hope to make it fun as well as informative.  I am a Dag, a garden nerd, a right pain in the…hang on, what was I saying?  Ah yes… 

My background is in Australian Natives.  I have an associate degree in Environmental Horticulture, I run the garden side of the Stephanie Alexander Program and I run my own business.  I would call myself an artist, my canvas is the landscape as well as watercolour.

The first season is about Kitchen-garden.  The history, the how tos and the importance of introducing kids to learning where their food comes from.

The first season of minis are on the fabulous women of horticulture.

So I hope I have  piqued your interest, dear leaflets, Until next time, toodle oo!

3 thoughts on “Stems, Leave and Roots with Dani

  1. Great post
    This sounds like an amazing podcast for anyone interested in horticulture! I love that it covers such a wide range of topics and includes mini-episodes on the history of horticulture and the women who paved the way. Looking forward to listening!
    Easy Landscape Gardening


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