Stems, Leave and Roots with Dani Hi, my name is Dani and I am a horticulturalist.  Welcome to my little podcast - Leaves, stems, and Roots. I am a solo podcaster whose passion for plants and dirt will open your eyes to the many delights of Horticulture! Did you know that there is a garden in England that houses the … Continue reading Stems, Leave and Roots with Dani

Too long

Its been too long between posts. We're in full Winter in Melbourne. Rose pruning, fruit pruning and general tidying before spring hits. The roses don't understand what season is. We have blooming flowers in July! Lots of rain this winter. Time to plant spring vegies. Lots to do in the cold and wet. We still … Continue reading Too long


Summer duties - keep your plants alive over Summer with the following tips. Add compost and mulch around your plants as this will add much needed nutrients plus insulate the plants in the heat, keeping the ground moist when you cannot be there.Have a watering system in place. Ensuring you are minimising your water usage … Continue reading Summer


Coldness has hit and we're in the midst of making sure our gardens continue to survive it. Melbourne is very chilly this year. We have seen lots of frost which means that if you haven't organised protective structures yet, get onto it. What are protective structures? These are netting structures which will protect plants from … Continue reading Brrr….